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Gîte de Ribeyre
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Welcome to our gîte,
We are delighted to welcome you to our home in Ribeyre. Ribeyre is a typical hamlet name for small towns that are located in the Isère, the Loire or the Haute-Loire area. It is derived from Ribe, Latin ripa, which means bank and designated the house on the bank.
This old mansion was built in 1886. You will sleep in what was formerly the hayloft. The floors below were reserved for the masters' accommodation and his employees.
We are pleased to receive you in this house full of history.
You will find in this guide some valuable information that we have gathered to facilitate your visit.
We hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful region
Do not hesitate to ask for any demands. We are at your disposal.

Annick and Jacques

It is the holiday, still ...

The pool is reserved only for the guests and owner of the gîte. The children remain under the supervision of their parents. It is forbidden to jump or dive. The access ladder will be positioned safely after each use, and the gate will be closed.
Please respect the tranquillity of the place and use it according to their destination. The sound volume, inside and outside the property, must be contained to appreciate the tranquillity of the neighbourhood.

For our friends, dogs and cats, please limit their access to beds and sofas for future tenants and hygiene reasons. Also, ensure that no waste remains on the land at your disposal.
Internet code: Nightnight43

To visit

In the Allier river Valley


In the surroundings

Our Favorite

Meat - Curemeat

Cheese store

Vegetables products - Delicatessen

Win - Beer - Spirits


Brasserie - Pub

Modern - French

Simple - Casual

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